NEW !!! Version 2.50 available for download
Translators needed: if you want to help with translation into your language please write an e-mail. You will need about 15 minutes for the translation of the User Interface.

Languages already supported (or under work): English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian


Welcome to  APRStrack
NEW: Precision APRS Tracking (<1m according GPS)
real time navigation and GeoCaching leads you to your amateur radio friends !

APRStrack is a High-End APRS Tracking, Reporting and Monitoring software for Android Smartphones, Tablets etc.

It supports the newest publications from Bob, WB4APR and works with a high precision reporting with GPS accuracy (in difference to standard APRS which does not send the last two decimals), and is fully compatible to standard APRS.
Using GPS it measures the own location and reports it into the world wide APRS network. Simultaneously it recives the position of other stations and presents it as graphics or text. APRStrack is a complete APRS solution tailored for Android devices with touch screen and offers a comforable use of its various APRS functions.

APRStrack is a free and open source Android development under the GNU public licence but limited to licenced radio amateur ONLY. Any requests from non-radio amateurs will not be answered. amateur radio guide
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