About us

APRStrack is a product of:

Kurt Moraw
Hinterherberg 12
94530 Auerbach

HAM Radio Station: DJ0ABR
see also www.dj0abr.de


License information for all pictures used in APRStrack or in this website:

All Icons and licensing information from: http://www.iconarchive.com

Mail Icon: 

Artist: Oxygen Team
License: GNU Lesser General Public License

Magnet/Sat Icon: 

Artist: Fatcow Web Hosting
License: CC Attribution 3.0
Backlink: http://www.fatcow.com/free-icons

System Icon:

Artist: DesignContest (Available for custom work)
License: CC Attribution 3.0
Commercial usage: Allowed (Backlink to http://www.designcontest.com )

Menu Icons:

Artist: VisualPharm (Available for custom work)
License: Linkware (Backlink to http://www.visualpharm.com )
Commercial usage: Allowed


Artist: GoSquared
License: Freeware
Commercial usage: Allowed

other pictures:

the copyright for all other pictures and the contents of this website is held by the Author, see above.

Licence for the web layout:

Author: Mobifreaks, http://mobifreaks.com
Attribution( is must on every page, where this work is used. should be visible to naked eye and Search engine bot[ means should not use noindex, nofollow relations ]): Recommendation <a href="http://mobifreaks.com" target="_blank">Design by Mobifreaks</a> (this recommendation is followed on this web site).
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
License URL: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Google Maps License:
According a telephone call with Google employee C. (name is known) on Nov, 18th 2013, abt 11:00 these requirements must be fulfilled by APRStrack in order to use google maps without any license:
1. the software is for free to the end user
2. maps are displayed only by the Google Maps APIs

both requirements are fulfilled by APRStrack.

Screenshots are not allowed. Therefore the pictures in this user manual are defocused hand drawings. The original pictures in the software (displayed by google maps API) are very clear and sharp.

Design by Mobifreaks.com