User Information

APRS Reports of the own station:
as soon as APRStrack is running (and the callsign was verified) the system will send position reports into the APRS network. The transmission interval is calculated automatically (Smart Beaconing).

Manual Sending:
To send a waypoint manually to APRS press the circle above "TX" in the map window. When the circle is green it sends your location into the APRS network.

Standby of the Smartphone:
For an uninterrupted position reporting the standby function of your device is disabled as soon as you open one of the windows (standby is only possible when the main selection window is visible). Only the display light may go into standby (as set in your device settings).

System Requirements:
* Device with Touch Screen and GPS i.e.Smartphone, Tablet PC etc.
* Android min. Version 2.3 or above

Data Volume:
a flat rate is recommended. I personally have a data volume of 60MB using WLAN plus 10MB using mobil flat rate per month, when APStrack is running 3 hours per day. It all depends on the filter settings. The least volume is generated if the range filter is switched off and only very specific calls are recorded.

Callsign and Password:
Please read the description for callsign and password on the Settings page.

APRStrack is a APRS tracking software for Android devices like smartphones or tables for use by licenced Amateur Radio operators ONLY !!!
You can redistribute it to other licensed radio amateurs, but it is strictly forbidden to do any action which gives non-Radio-Amateurs access to the APRS network.
This program is experimental for the Amateur Radio Community without any warranty. If you find any problems which may harm the APRS network you have to stop the operation of this software immediately.

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