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Dec/18 2014

To download APRStrack click: APRStrack

Installation: when the file is on your device simply tap on it to start the standard Android installation.

Preview V2.6 (10.Jan 2017)

News in the inofficial Preview-Version 2.6:
  • Upgrade for Android Nougat (runs with Android 2.3.3 and later)
  • ported from Eclipse to Android Studio
  • many bugfixes

News in version 2.5:
  • Upgrade for Android 5
  • New registration server for new users
  • Improvements in internal database
  • many small bugfixes
New functions in version 2.3:
  • Optimizations for Android 2.x User
  • new registration and password (for new users only)
  • the password is valid for all SSIDs of the same callsign
  • corrections in filter and decoding
  • optimized routing functions
  • hungarian and czech language
New functions in version 2.2:
  • Routing (Navigation)
  • Route to fix point
  • Route to other station
  • Direct line with distance and angle
  • Street route with distance and time
  • LIVE Update for routes during movement
  • Local GPS position every second !
  • magnetic/GPS Compass
  • smart Weather Station (if sensors available)
  • includes now french, italian and swedish language
  • comfortable function selection icons in call selection dialog
  • new powerful data filter
  • expert filter mode allows any possible filter setting
  • Movement alert for friends
  • Bugfix:compressed position format now OK
New functions in version 1.8:
  • Precision Tracking better 1m (3ft) !
  • according to WB4APR, Bob's publication
  • from 2004, 2006 und 2008
  • new and comfortable dialog for sending APRS messages
New functions in version 1.7:
  • Receiving APRS messages
  • Notification on incoming APRS message
  • Dialog to send an APRS message
Bug fixes in version 1.6:
  • Sometimes the program crashed and did not start anymore, a new installation was required. This problem is solved now
New functions in version 1.5:
  • Auto-Zoom (see settings)
  • GPS Speedometer with history diagram
  • shows location accuracy after sat number
Bug fixes in version 1.4:
  • better network handling solves problems connecting to
  • now compatible with Android version 4.4
New functions in version 1.3:
  • friend list extended to 10 callsigns
  • can display WX stations which are not sending via APRS but via findU or CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program). Enter the call of the WX station of interest in the friend-list. The WX data are actualized every 30 minutes.
New functions in version 1.2:
  • status notification in the status bar. Informs about the Tracker background activity. Blinks if active, green when sending position data
Bug fixes in version 1.1:
  • southern latitude and western longitude was incorrect. This is now fixed.
New functions in version 1.1:
  • the map shows all stations (which are included in the filter settings) including the path if a station is moving
  • new main menu "Neighbors" shows a (clickable) list sorted by distance
  • one of three APRS symbols is used depending on the speed (standing still, slowly moving, fast). Or enter three times the same symbol if you need only one symbol.
  • optimized WX station filter for smaller online data volume
  • a grey backgound can by placed behind the APRS symbols which may give better readability in Sat view.
  • the APRS data window is preserved if the orientation of the smartphone is changed
  • Clear Database: this button was moved into the settings menu
  • new filter "only APRStrack" to show other users of this software

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