Screen Shots:

Main Menu:

This main menu leads you the the various functions like maps, data or settings. The APRS tracking function is already fully active and works in the background to report your position to the APRS network. This reporting works independend of the display, whatever you do in the user interface, if a valid callsign and password is entered your position will be reported.

Satellite View:
all pictures or very sharp on your device (I have made only for this website defocused drawings because of Googles Licences for Maps pictures).

shows the own location and path but also the location and path of any other station (depending on the filter settings).

and the same as map view.

Weather Stations:

decodes and shows weather reports..

Text Presentation:

incoming messages are decoded and display in a scrollable list. The distance and bearing to the own station is caculated.

this is a zoomed view of a waether station.

Height- or Speed Profile:

Profile of the own station up to max 2 days


shows the GPS speed which may be more accurate then a car speedometer


as additional gimmick a GPS controlled compass (works as soon as the station is moving). (Photo: DL5RBD)

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