APRStrack is a database driven (SQlite database) Multi-Tasking APRS System, which handles multiple functions simultaneously:

APRS Reporting    
It determines the own location based on the GPS signal. This location is supplemented with additional settings (APRS messsage ...) and sent into the world wide APRS network.
Smart Beaconing    
The reporting interval is managed automatically to achieve the best possible precision without overloading the APRS network. This is done by an automatic Pedestrian - Car detection and Speed and Curve detector. This automatic beaconing was intensively tested and optimized for best performance.
Graphical Presentation    
Presentation of the path on Google Maps. It shows your own path and additionally the path of any other APRS station (which are included in the filter).
all APRS  data (the own location data as well as the data of other stations) are stored in the local Android database for 3 days and may be represented graphically.

This picture shows the call selection dialog which can be scrolled to select the call of choice.


Friends Function    
shows the position and path of your friends. Choose your friends using the filter settings.
Weather Stations   
shows the weather reported by many WX stations graphical on the map or as text, or both.
Moving Stations    
shows only stations that have moved during the last 10 minutes
extensive filter functions for data from the APRS network are used to handle data storage and volume efficiently.


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