the settings page is automatically opened if APRStrack is started for the first time.

Callsign / Password:
APRS is a system maintained by ham radio amateurs and may ONLY be used by licenced radio amateurs.
APRStrack needs a valid callsign and a password.

To request a password tap on "Register" and fill in the form completely.
The password will be sent to you by e-mail.

If you forget your password and request it a second time use the same e-mail address as before ! We check that to detect abuse of callsigns.
In sepcial cases we may request you to send a copy of the license.

The graphic can be switched to satellite or map view.
The check box grey/transp draws a grey background behind the APRS symbol. This makes it better readable on satellite maps.

Actual Position:

this position is used as long as no GPS signal is available and no last position is stored. Enter latitude and longitude or press "Current Loc" if GPS is active.

Beacon Interval:
If you station is not moving (speed = 0) then a beacon is sent every xxx seconds. Set this interval between 60 and 999 seconds.

Measures / Temperature:
choose your local measure units.

APRS Server:
five world wide rotation servers are available, choose the server for your continent. Alternatively you can enter the URL of any other APRS server.

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